On December 4th at 8:00 pm, LueLue Korrell will be hosting the 4th annual ‘Sistahs in Spanx: SpanxOnYa‘ #SpanxOnYa — all-female holiday comedy show in Atlanta at Community Achievement Center. To purchase your tickets click here! The ‘SpanxOnYa‘ All-Star Line-Up: Brent Star Barbara Caryle Teri Moore Janet Dollar NeNee Dodd Stephanie Jordan Star Carter * click names to learn more * Check out reviews from our past ‘Sistahs in Spanx‘ shows:   Loved every second! Best show yet! –– N. Bagwell Loved the show! — K. Franks Awesome show ladies!! Fantabulous emceeing Brent Star!!!! Banging DJing Demarkus DjDmark Taylor! I had a good time! — A. Dawn What an amazing night!  Ladies, you all were great – I can’t wait til next year. –– S. Carter     Great show last night! Especially the Wobble Battle! –– Flip S.   ‘Confessions of Sistahs in Spanx’! Great job team…

I will Slap you, in your sleep!!

11 Jun 2014, Posted by Luelue Korrell in Comedy, Life

When I was in college, I had a roommate that used to talk in her sleep. Some nights I would purposely stay up longer than her, hoping to catch one of her sleep talking episodes. Sometimes, she would just mumble or blurt out random things regarding her love life. My roommate used to date a guy name James, James was an amazing lover based off of her sleep talking. The first time I heard her talking in her sleep, she was saying “Oh, James! Stop it James! That feels so good James!” I just laid in my bed, thinking to myself  “This chic better NOT be in here screwing while I’m in here sleeping!”  I laid there for a few minutes before I heard her starting to snore. Now, I’m sitting straight up in my bed, like what the hell…

Who wore it better?!

04 Apr 2014, Posted by Luelue Korrell in Art, Fashion

Really!? Why would a grown ass woman want to dress up like a box of McDonald French fries or like Spongebob square pants? They call this HIGH Fashion? How is this high fashion and/or creative? I would rather wear a croaker sack! No Ma’am, No Thank you!