Boondocks is Back, who’s going to be watching???

04 Apr 2014, Posted by Luelue Korrell in Comedy, Life

I have mixed emotions about the return of my favorite controversial cartoon Boondocks.  Huey, Riley, and Grandpa will be returning for their fourth and final season on April 21st , without their original creator Aaron McGruder.  This is some ol Bull shit, I feel some type of way knowing that the characters will not have the same ole wit, intelligence and insight that Aaron poured into each character.   Some say they will not watch knowing that Aaron was not involved in producing this season. I’m going to at least watch a few episodes, to see how they attempt to pull it off without Aaron. It’s like spying on your babysitter to see how they treat your kids. So, yes, I will be watching.  Plus, I am a fan of Regina King, John Witherspoon and Cedric Yarbrough.  I will also be watching Aaron’s new show Black Jesus. I’m setting up my DVR to record it right now!!!

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