I will Slap you, in your sleep!!

11 Jun 2014, Posted by Luelue Korrell in Comedy, Life

When I was in college, I had a roommate that used to talk in her sleep.

Some nights I would purposely stay up longer than her, hoping to catch one of her sleep talking episodes. Sometimes, she would just mumble or blurt out random things regarding her love life.

My roommate used to date a guy name James, James was an amazing lover based off of her sleep talking. The first time I heard her talking in her sleep, she was saying “Oh, James! Stop it James! That feels so good James!” I just laid in my bed, thinking to myself  “This chic better NOT be in here screwing while I’m in here sleeping!”  I laid there for a few minutes before I heard her starting to snore.

Now, I’m sitting straight up in my bed, like what the hell is going on?

I whispered, Where’s James? She replied, “He’s cooking him something to eat. What is he cooking? I asked. She replied, “Fried Bologna”  “Yall going to eat bologna this late at night?”, I asked. She replied, “It’s never too late to eat some Bologna?” That was one of her favorite foods, the real thick bologna with the red band/wrap around it.  Man, I couldn’t do anything but laughed myself back to sleep.

My roommate sleep talking episodes were funny to me however; there have been a number of domestic violence cases where boyfriends and/or girlfriends have assaulted each other for things they have said in their sleep. A woman in Montana busted her boyfriend upside the head with a shotgun for saying bad things about her in his sleep.

Do you think she was wrong?

Would you wake someone up if they are talking in their sleep?

Would you try to have a conversation with them?

I have come up with a few things that would make me attack someone if they said any of the following things in their sleep:

  1. If they are talking bad about me.
  2. If they are talking about their infidelities.
  3. If they call out another woman name.
  4. If I asked them any questions while they are sleep and they give the wrong answer. (i.e. How many kids do you have? He says 5 kids. We only got 3.  Where the hell the other 2 kids come from? AND FIGHT!!)

Would you attack your mate if they were talking bad about you in their sleep?


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