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Help! My Co-workers work my nerves!

02 Feb 2014, Posted by Luelue Korrell in Random

Regardless if you like your coworkers or hate them, you have to deal with them for 40 hours out of a week, that’s a total of 2080 hours a year. My mother always said, “you don’t know someone until you work with them.” You spend more time with your co-workers than you spend with your relatives and you probably don’t like them either. Sometimes my co-workers forget that we are not related and will do and say the craziest things. I guess they think they can get away with talking crazy — but they have no idea that they would get cursed out with the quickness. Here are a few things some of my former co-workers did that got them cursed out: 1. Are you going to do any work today? “Don’t worry about what I’m doing or not doing!…