You going to the store looking like that?!

07 Mar 2014, Posted by Luelue Korrell in Fashion, Life

You going to the store looking like that?!

I’ll be right back, I’m just going to run to the store real quick! I’m not trying to meet nobody!
I don’t care, if anybody sees me like this. My baby needs some milk and pampers!”

LADIES!!!!! You should NEVER leave the house with a shower cap OR wave cap OR the mesh wrap with the Velcro closure OR sleep cap with the elastic band that ruffles at the bottom, OR the satin scarf regardless if it matches your jogging suit or not!

Too many of us women think it is OK. I’ve even been guilty of doing it from time to time…..however, no matter how many “YOU OUGHT TO BE SHAME, FOR COMING OUT THE HOUSE LOOKING LIKE THAT” looks we give each other, Yall still continue to do it and get more and more ratchet with it.

Ladies, be honest! You know this does not look GOOD!
If your hair isn’t done or presentable you have three choices:

  • Stay your butt at home,
  • Comb your hair, or
  • Put a hat on your head

What ever you do don’t go out the house looking like a throwed away child! You never know whom you might run into. Plus, we as Black women already have enough stereotypes to overcome, lets not keep adding to the list.

Sistahs, let’s get it together!!!

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